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ANT International Nuclear Wiki

This tool enables the customer to quickly find the information you are looking for. The AWIKI is continuously updated with the most recent information in the fuel material, coolant chemistry and corrosion, and structural material degradation areas.

More specifically the AWIKI contains information on:

  • Fuel materials (UO2, MOX, Zr alloys, Nickel base alloys) technology, manufacturing and performance during normal operation, anticipated operational occurrences, design basis accidents and dry storage conditions
  • Structural material integrity issues information related to:

    – Low-alloy steels
    – Stainless steels
    – Nickel-base alloys

  • BWR/PWR/VVER plant chemistry and corrosion issue information
The AWIKI contains information published in ANT International reports and has a similar structure as the Wikipedia, with a powerful search tool to quickly retrieve the information you are interested in. All the references related to each article in the AWIKI are provided.  

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