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ANT International − Advanced Nuclear Technology International was founded in 2001 and is run by its majority owner Peter Rudling. ANT International consists of:
  • A World Class Network of Experts (The Network)
  • The office in Göteborg, Sweden with a management staff
The mission of ANT International is to transfer the unique expertise of The Network, that developed the current nuclear industry, to the new generation of engineers. The goal is to improve safety and profitability throughout the nuclear industry.

Unique Knowledge and Independence

  • The company is specialised in providing expert training and knowledge in the areas of nuclear fuel, structural materials and coolant chemistry
  • The expert training is provided through seminars and handbooks & reports
  • The Network were the leaders of the nuclear technical community that developed the current nuclear industry.
  • ANT International and the Network are independent, i.e., they do not rely on fuel/reactor vendors and the information provided in our products and services is unbiased and analysed with a bird eyes view on the business.