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Information on Zirconium Alloy Technology

The annual IZNA Program is open to fuel vendors, regulators and research organisations. The IZNA deliverables are similar to those of the ZIRAT Program, however no annual Seminar is provided. A tailored seminar on site is provided at an additional fee. IZNA customers are fuel vendors, research laboratories and regulatory agencies world wide.The overall objective of the IZNA Program is to enable members to:Identify potential zirconium alloy material problems and solutions related to nuclear fuel. Gain increased understanding of material behaviour related to successful core operation. The IZNA Program annually reviews the latest information on zirconium alloy technology.The review is the only complete, annually updated references on non-proprietary zirconium alloy technology in the industry. The information is organized by well established topics such as alloy research, corrosion, mechanical properties, dimensional stability, potential high burnup limitations etc. and includes complete bibliographies.
Dr. Yang-Pi Lin, Lead Engineer Global Nuclear Fuel, USA
One Day IZNA Tailored Seminar June 2008 “IN JUNE OF 2008, Peter Rudling and Ron Adamson gave a one-day seminar at GNF’s Wilmington, North Carolina site. The Seminar was attended by members of GNF’s Materials Technology and Fuel Reliability team as well as researchers interested in Zircaloy corrosion at GE’s Global Research Center. The seminar covered a range of topics selected from the IZNA7 Annual Report and Special Topical Reports. The seminar agenda was developed with input from GNF to address specific interests of attendees. As one of the STR was on corrosion mechanism, a significant portion of the seminar was devoted to various aspects of Zircaloy corrosion and mechanisms for corrosion failures. Ron and Peter took turns to present materials. The seminar was conducted with an open manner with plenty of audience interaction, a feature that was well appreciated by all attendees. Overall, the expertise of Peter and Ron and the candid nature of their comments were well appreciated. Comments on the seminar included “It covers many different topics in a short time. May need to extend it as a two-day schedule” and “I think level of expertise brought to seminar is key”.
Cristina Muñoz-Reja Ruiz, Fuel Rod Technology Manager ENUSA, Industrias Avanzadas S.A. Spain
Experience at ENUSA “My company joined the IZNA Program in year 2003 starting with the IZNA1 and IZNA2. Since that year until now, products offered by ANT International have been one of the main source of information for the training of our new engineers. IZNA Special Topic Reports often serve to our senior engineers as a starting point to face issues that are new for their area of competence. The Annual Reports, not only bring us the opportunity of being updated of all technical news in the nuclear field but, and what is more valuable, to have the news analyzed with a global perspective by the world-known ANT International Expert team. With reference to that, the high knowledge level, the accessibility and the fast answer capacity of the ANT International team are the basis for an efficient consulting service that I have often used. This year, as every year since 2003, Peter Rudling conducted our tailored seminar. More than 30 engineers from nuclear and product engineering, commercial, quality and manufacturing areas attended the seminar that was focused on the current hottest topics as regulatory changes and industry acts to reach 2010 objectives of 0 leakers. This seminar is becoming more and more a discussion forum at high technical level thanks to the content of the materials, the qualification of the speaker and the cooperative spirit of the ENUSA engineers”