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We provide 10-15 seminars worldwide every year. There are different types of seminars:

  • Tailored Seminars
  • Zirconium Alloy Technology (ZIRAT) and LWR Chemistr and Component Integrity (LCC) Seminars
  • Seminars associated with Handbooks
  • ANT International Academy (ANTIA) Seminars

Tailored Seminars

Tailored Seminars on site of the Customer. The topics are selected by the Customer to fit their needs. Below are some characteristics of the Tailored Seminars:

  • The length varies from one to three days.
  • Your organisation pays one price – regardless of the number of attendants.
  • Your organisation can invite attendees from other organisations in your country/region if this is discusses on beforehand with the lecturer, as an effective way of cost sharing.
  • The topics of the Seminar are tailored to fit the needs of your organisation company.
  • All participants receive the presentation material before the seminar and a certificate after completing the seminar.
  • The Tailored Seminars are suitable for specialized engineers as well as engineers entering a new field.

ZIRAT and LCC Seminars

Annual 3 day Seminars targeted towards more experienced engineers is included in the ZIRAT and LCC Programmes, to present the most recent published reports within the ZIRAT and LCC Programmes by the authors. The seminars are held in Clearwater Beach, FL., USA, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Seminars associated with Handbooks

In relation to the Handbooks on Fuel Design Review and Fuel Fabrication Process two different seminars are provided.

ANTIA Seminars

Seminars held annually in Spain during the month of March. The Seminars presentation material is provided before the Seminar. There are different Seminars related to Fuel Material, Structural Material Degradation, and Coolant Chemistry and Corrosion. Below are some characteristics of the Seminars:

  • The length is one to 4 days.
  • There is a fixed fee for each participant from each organisation, but discounts are given for several participants from the same organisation.
  • Before the Seminar the presentation material will be made available to the participants.
  • After the Seminar a certificate of Seminar attendance will be issued by ANT International to the participants.

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